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By paying close attention to the details of every project, our team at NY Technology Professionals, Inc. in Lindenhurst,

New York is able to develop and provide the right IT solutions and deliver optimal results. Read some of the

reviews below to get an idea of the quality of our work. 

I’ve had a small business for around 2-3 years and ever since my computer system was setup, I’ve always had issues. I went to so many different IT companies and was told that it was just the area and building I was in and that there would be no way to fix the issues I had. I was experiencing internet drop outs, and was supposed to have printers and scanners set up but the IT companies chose to work when they wanted to. Finally a colleague recommended I call Charles Apeler at NY Technology Professionals.

From the first phone call I knew I was finally in the right hands. He listened as I explained my issues and actually seemed to care and want to help me. He came to my business only a few days after I first called him and saw a couple of issues right away. He went through everything and explained it in a way I could understand and made sure I knew what was going on before he did anything. In the end, I added new devices like routers and switches and tuned up all of my computers. After he was done I was able to do everything I needed to do for work like printing, scanning and even sharing folders so I could access certain files wherever I am in the office. They were great! They took care of all my problems and for a reasonable price. Whenever I need help I just call NY Technology Professionals and I know I will be taken care of. THANKS NY Tech Pros!

- Zach Bischoff

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